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Restorations and Body Work

Memphis Equipment Body Work

Full Overhauls: Have a truck in need of a lot of work? We can do everything front to back, in and out. We offer full mechanical and electrical overhauls.

Restorations: We don’t only offer mechanical and electrical repairs. At Memphis Equipment we can do full restorations. This includes body work. Have your truck looking and running like it did when it rolled off the assembly line in no time.

Paint & Fabrication: Memphis Equipment has a full paint and body shop. Our paint and body team specializes in working with military trucks and the correct paint and techniques for them. Don’t trust a project of this caliber to just anyone.

Metal Fabrication: Need a longer frame? Need an axel moved? Want to convert a Cargo truck to a Tanker? Memphis offrers a wide variety of metal fabrication, done by our certified welders. 

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