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                        5 TON 6X6 WRECKER TRUCK M543/M816                                   M543/M816/M936 5 ton 6x6 wrecker trucks  

The M543/M816/M936 5 ton 6x6 wrecker   trucks are built on the 179” wheelbase chassis which also incorporates heavy duty frame fishplating and a walking beam rear suspension. The wrecker upperworks is fully hydraulic with a rotating boom which extends to 18ft. and is rated at 20,000lbs. The bed has a rear mounted 45,000lb winch, four manual out riggers, tool box and gas torch bottle racks. A 20,000lb winch is mounted on the front of the chassis. Note: the M246/M819 wreckers are built on the 215” wheelbase chassis and have a fifth wheel instead of a rear winch.