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Welcome to Memphis Equipment's Service Department

Memphis Equipment Company offers a wide range of services! We can handle everything from routine maintenance, general repairs, full overhauls, restorations, paint and fabrication, major brake system repairs, engine repairs and more. Memphis Equipment can cover all your service needs to get your truck back up and running. We also offer A/C installation, bed conversions, metal fabrication and tire upgrades. 

Air Condition Installation: Regardless if you're using your truck for work or play your truck should be comfortable. Let Memphis Equipment add Air Conditioning to the cab of your truck today! We are one of very few places who can offer this service and we're proud to offer it to you. 

Major Brake System Repairs: While it is important to keep your truck running, it is more important that it stops when you want it to. With more than 70 years of experience why would you trust anyone else with something so crucially important? We also offer full brake conversion kits. This will convert your Air/Hydraulic brake system, to a full air actuated S-Cam Air system with spring brakes on the rear axle. Ask for details about the kit and installation today

Electrical Systems: Want to convert your electrical system? We offer full conversions from 24v to 12v. We also sell the converter. Run 12v accessories on your truck seamlessly! Ask for more details when you call.

Preventative Maintenance: At Memphis Equipment we understand no matter if you’re using your truck for work or play it’s important to keep your truck running at peak performance regardless if you have one or an entire fleet. That’s why Memphis Equipment’s trained technicians work efficiently and precisely with the best parts to ensure your truck is always ready when you need it. Our work and parts are backed by a warranty that has been trusted for more than 70 years!

Engine Repairs & Rebuilds: At Memphis Equipment we have specialized engine builders. Their entire focus is rebuilding and repairing diesel engines. So, you can rest easy knowing the repair was done correctly the first time. Want to replace your engine? We sale full engines! Our technicians fully inspect every inch of the engine and it’s backed by our parts warranty.

General Repairs: Our technicians can handle any job no matter how big or small. No matter the repair we have you covered. There isn’t any job we can’t do. Our technicians are some of the most efficient, experienced, and highly trained in the country.  

Full Overhauls: Have a truck in need of a lot of work? We can do everything front to back, in and out. We offer full mechanical and electrical overhauls.

Restorations: We don’t only offer mechanical and electrical repairs. At Memphis Equipment we can do full restorations. This includes body work. Have your truck looking like new in no time.

Paint & Body Work: Memphis Equipment can tackle any body work you may need. We have a full paint booth made to handle these trucks right on our property! 

Tires: Military Tires New and Used. All Tires are shipped by truck freight.

Available Sizes: 9.00x20 Non-Directional, 11.00x20 Non-Directional, 11.00R20, 11.00R24, 14.00x20 Non-Directional, 14.00R20, 14.5R20, 395/85R20, 16.00R20



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