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M35A2 Cargo Truck

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The M35 family of trucks is often reffered to as the "deuce and a half" due to it's weight class of 2.5 tons. These trucks have a wide range of uses. Often used for off roading, commerical hauling, dump trucks, and even as tankers. These trucks can handle a wide range of jobs. The M35 Cargo trucks are rated to carry up to 5,000lbs off road and 10,000lbs on roads. 

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OA331: 127 HP Gasoline

LD-465-1: 149 HP Diesel

LDT-465-1C: 160 HP Diesel

CAT 3116 (M35A3): 170 HP Diesel


Spicer: 5 Speed Synchromesh

Model 3052: 5th Direct

Model 3053:  5th Overdrive

Allison 1545 (M35A3): Automatic

Transfer cases

Rockwell: 2 Speed

Model: T-136-21

Model (Airshift): T-136-27

Gear Ratio: High 1:1 / Low 1.98:1


Rockwell/Timken: Double Reduction/Full Floating

Front: FC-249 HX1

Rear: CF-240 HX3

Ratio: 6.72:1

Front Rating: 11,000lbs

Tandem Rating: 26,000lbs


Ross (Manual): TA-67171

Air-O-Matic(M35A3): Power Assisted


Wagner/Bender: Air/Hydraulic

Parking Brake: Manual, Dual Grip


24 Volt( Optional 12 Volt)

Tire Size

Non Directional: 9.00 x 20 8 ply

Singles: 11.00 x 20 12 ply

Super Singles: 14.5R20 (M35A3)


Short: 142in / CT 72in

Long: 154in / CT 84in

Extra Long: 190in / CT 120in


Cab & Chassis: 11,000 lbs