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M54/M55/M813/M814 Cargo Truck

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The M813/M814 5-Ton 6x6 is the Cargo versions of the series. The M813 has a long low sided box with a bottom hinged tailgate and side racks. These trucks are also available with the troop seats, overhead  bows, a tarpaulin, and a front mounted winch. The standard M813 does not have drop sides for side loading. The M813A1 comes with standard drop sides for easier loading ability. The M814 is an extra long wheelbase and has a 20ft long box and does not have drop sides. 
The M54/M55 is designed to transport a 10,000lb and 14ft long cargo load in all weather and off road. In normal on road conditions the load weight is doubled. The M55 has a 20ft bed but, unlike the M814 drop sides are not available on the M55. 

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Cummins: Model NHC-250

Horsepower: 250 @ 2100 RPM

Displacement: 855 CU IN 

Electrical System

24-volt: Optional 12 volt


Spicer: 15”Single Disc


Spicer (standard): 6453, 5” Gear Overdrive, 5-Speed Manual  

Spicer (optional): 6352, 5” Gear Direct,  5-Speed Manual

Transfer Case

Rockwell(2-speed): Model T-138




Rockwell: Double Reduction Full Floating

Ratio: 6.443:1


Ross Hydraulic Assisted: Model HF-64

Brake System

Standard: 5.5” Air/Hydraulic Actuated

Optional: 7” S-Cam Air Actuated (Tandem Only) 


Short: 167”

Long: 179”

Extra Long: 215”

Tire Size

11.00x20-12ply: Non-Directional


Cab&Chassis: 18,500lbs

Front Axle Rating: 18,000lbs

Tandem Rating: 44,000lbs

Highway Speed: 55 M.P.H