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THE NATION'S LARGEST ARMY TRUCK & PARTS DEALER El mayor distribuidor de camiones del ejército y partes de repuesto en la nación


For 77 years, we have offered a wide variety of all-wheel drive military designed for off-road applications. Each truck is mechanically reconditioned or completely remanufactured and assembled to meet your desired specifications. Give us a call and ask to speak with one of our equipment salesmen to discuss the details of your build, pricing, and lead time. 


M939 series - 5 ton 6x6


fmtv series - 5 ton 6x6

m809 series - 5 ton 6x6

lmtv series - 2 1/2 ton

M34 / M44 SERIES - 2 1/2 TON 6X6  

M916 MET SERIES - 20 TON 6X6

m920 met series - 22.5 ton 8x6


 am general hmmwv - 1 1/4 ton 4x4